ss bulldog

The fourth Mirabelle Bevan mystery.  Set in the locations of Brighton, London and Paris in 1954.

I love this series of mystery/suspense novels that Sara Sheridan has created, that start off in 1950’s Brighton, but can end up anywhere in the world…as this one did in Paris.

Always well written and well plotted.  They are pure enjoyment!

5 Stars*****


British Bulldog sees Mirabelle on the trail of an RAF pilot who went missing during the war and mysteriously never came home. Her search takes her to Paris where she discovers an espionage operation smuggling secrets out of Russia. Her investigations also uncover some unwelcome truths about her wartime lover Jack and the true nature of his intelligence work in France. This is the fourth installment in Sara Sheridan’s best-selling cosy crime noir series featuring heroine Mirabelle Bevan.

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