gb room 5ARC honest review for Endeavour Press via Netgalley.

We begin with a group of tourists from a typical Bellairs town, on holiday in France.
One of their number inevitably gets murdered and Chief Inspector Littlejohn is brought in to help the french police investigate.


I was please to see this come up on Netgalley and even more pleased to be allowed to read and review it.  These Bellair books have long been out of circulation and needed to be re-aired for public consumption.

One of the classic British detective series from the 40’s through to the late 70’s.

This was my first taste of Detective Inspector Thomas Littlejohn…and won’t be my last!

I’m pleased to know that Endeavour Press have re-published a number of the George Bellair books…although they are lacking in the earlier ones from before Dead March for Penelope Blow. Luckily I have a lady friend of discernible age who has all but 2 of the 50+ book set, who is willing to loan me them to read.

Littlejohn and his wife are holidaying just outside of Cannes, when he is asked to attend to a English tourist who has been stabbed.

Kept me guessing right up until the end!

A tour de force, and one worth investigating.

5 Stars*****


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