is norfolkIn The Norfolk Mystery, the first in the County Guides series, we meet Swanton Morley. Eccentric, autodidact – the ‘People’s Professor.’
Morley plans to write a series of guides to the counties of England. He employs a young assistant, Stephen Sefton, veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and together with Morley’s daughter, Miriam, they set off through Norfolk, where their sightseeing tour quickly turns into a murder investigation.
As Morley confronts the conventions of class, education and politics in 1930s England, as Sefton flees his memories of the war, and as Miriam seeks romance, join them on their first adventure into the dark heart of England.
When Morley’s map leads to mystery, no one is above suspicion!

This was chosen by me for our reader’s group, group read…and it dismally failed all round!!!

Sadly the author finds it necessary to bombard the reader with tonnes of trivial information unrelated to the story.  And the story is lacking in any sort of a mystery.

Swanton Morley is an irritating egg-head, the kind that is to be avoided at all cost!   And Stephen Sefton is just a lost man in an ever changing climate.

This is not a page turner…more like a up-hill slog to boredom.

Overall, not an enjoyable read…and I want to be entertained, not lectured!

1 star *

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