is deth devonARC review for Fourth Estate Books via Netgalley.


Join our heroes as they follow up a Norfolk Mystery with a bad case of … DEATH IN DEVON.

Swanton Morley, the People’s Professor, sets off for Devon to continue his history of England, The County Guides. Morley’s daughter Miriam and his assistant Stephen Sefton pack up the Lagonda for a trip to the English Riviera.

Morley has been invited to give the Founder’s Day speech at All Souls School in Rousdon. But when the trio arrive they discover that a boy has died in mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident or was it – murder?

Join Morley, Sefton and Miram on another adventure into the dark heart of 1930s England.

I had already agreed to read and review this book before I had read the first!

Sadly not much better than the first!

Swanton Morley is still not a character that you would like to meet.  He is still an irritating egg-head.  His daughter Miriam is no better than her father…irritating!  And Stephen Sefton only just gets a bit of back bone near the end of the book.

This one does just come in to the mystery category, but only after you have waded through 70% of the book!

1 star *


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