Recently I have read several books marked as mystery/crime, that have a bludgeoning overbearing religious overtones that neither move the story along nor have any relevance to the storyline in the slightest!

I read fiction as an escape from normal day to day life.  Half hour here or an hour there.

To be transported to a different place, time, or even dimension!  To be entertained and even moved by the story being weaved by the author.

What I do not want, is to pick up a book stating that it’s one thing (ie mystery/crime, etc…), and have the author push their religious beliefs and thoughts down my throat.  When the story doesn’t have any religious setting or storyline!

I don’t have a problem with anybody having faith and religion.  Each and everyone to their own.

If I wanted to be preached at, I would go to church or read the bible.  Or choose a Christian/religious fiction book (at least I would know what I’m about to read!)…then at least it would be MY choice!

So why do some authors feel the need to thrust and push their faith, and views down the throats of their readers?

To the publishers (if you ever read these book blogs):  Please state on the book blurb, that the book contains religious thoughts and views.

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