mo legacy avengedInto the Deep ”

“I will see my father avenged,” Matt replied, “or die in the attempt.”

Ever since his parents’ untimely deaths at the hands of a vicious enemy, Matt Hunter has risked his own life — and that of his friends — over and over again. But his team’s motivation has changed. As they have grown closer to Creighdor’s evil empire, a greater purpose has been revealed: The fate of humankind lies in their hands.

Hunter’s League is gearing up for its final confrontation. First, though, they must learn their foe’s true nature. It’s a discovery with extraordinary implications. And it means one last outrageous journey to the most unlikely of places — a trip to the bottom of the ocean.
The conclusion of this 4 part series.  Over all a Good series, and well worth reading.

Unfortunately, the series is now only available to buy second hand, and no Kindle format is available…at the moment.

And Mel Odom does leave some tendrils hanging at the end, indicating that there (might) possibly be further books…in the future!

5 stars *****

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